MREC Agency - Commercial, v1.0

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Credit Hours : 3.00

This Maryland commercial agency course was developed as a result of Maryland's new continuing education requirement. The course is based on the standard outline developed and published by the Maryland Real Estate Commission and was written by a trained agency instructor. It meets the mandatory agency requirement for Maryland licensees who are involved in commercial real estate.
This course is designed for those licensees who are primarily or exclusively commercial practitioners. Those licensees who primarily provide residential real estate brokerage should take the residential agency class. If they choose to take the commercial version also, they may count it as an elective. Licensees need to be informed of matters affecting real estate in the community where their business is transacted (read more in the MD REC Fall 2011 newsletter The Commission Check at & Publications tab).


Unit 1: Introduction to Commercial Agency
Unit 2: Agency Law and the Agent’s Duty to Principals
Unit 3: The Terminology of Agency
Unit 4: Remedies and Obligations
Final Exam

Price: $29.99