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Online Courses

Online Courses

Access real estate elective courses as your schedule allows. We offer the courses you need to develop and enhance the skills needed for your license.

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Online Courses


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• These courses meet the 4-hour ELECTIVE credit only; you must still complete the 4-hour mandatory Update Course.

• As per NC Real Estate Commission policy,you have one month to complete your online course, but we recommend that you complete it as soon as possible. You do not need to complete the course in one session; you may begin your new session at the point you ended your last one. All course materials must be completed, and you must score at least 90% on each unit exam.

• Courses must be completed within 30 days or by June 10th; however, we ask that you complete the course 3 business days prior to this date in order to give us time to upload your credit to the Commission and issue you a certificate of completion.

• Unfortunately, if you do not meet the 30-day completion requirement, we will not be able to refund your registration fee, and you will not receive credit with the Commission.

Step 1: Find the Course You Want!

Approved classes and brief descriptions are included at the bottom of this web page.

Step 2: Register with Mitchell Community College

Registration requires completion of a MCC Continuing Education Registration Form, Affidavit of Integrity, and Payment of $45 per course with the College. Please note the North Carolina Exam Review QBank is $46 instead of the standard course fee.

If you have not yet registered, click here to download an interactive registration form and affidavit. Registration is taken by fax (704) 878-4271, US mail, and in person Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Continuing Education Center (701 W. Front St.) in Statesville. Please call (704) 878-4273 if you need any help or have any questions.

Step 3: Complete Your Course.

After you register, you will receive an enrollment email that will include your login and password. You will be able to start your course(s) as soon as you receive the enrollment email. Please notify Cabanna Pierce at cpierce@mitchellcc.edu when you have completed your course(s). Certificates will be mailed from the college approximately one week after course completion.

Online Course Offerings

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice teaches agents what to look for when evaluating a property, how to perform "due diligence" regarding environmental issues, and how to avoid legal liability.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Popular nationwide as an elective continuing education topic, commercial real estate can be especially lucrative for both agents and investors. This course provides a blueprint for commercial real estate transactions, written by a successful expert who has "been there."

Risk Management

This course addresses the issue of risk management and how it affects the real estate industry. Each unit of Risk Management is dedicated to a specific topic and includes a definition and discussion of the issue, relevant information, and the impact of the topic on real estate agents.

Fair Housing

Recent fair housing legislation has been aimed at dramatically strengthening the enforcement mechanisms and remedies enacted in 1968. Agents today must be careful to deliver "equal professional service" to avoid legal trouble. This course helps students provide the consistency, objectivity, and documentation of service that the law requires.

The Truth About Mold

In this course you will explore the impact of mold on the real estate industry. You will receive practical information on remediation, effects on residential insurance, liability issues, sampling and testing kits, health effects of mold, relevant court case law, relevant state and federal laws and regulations, and the differences between mold and other environmental red flags.

Sustainable Housing and Building Green

Sustainable Housing and Building Green: What Agents Should Know takes the mystery out of green and sustainable building concepts for commercial and residential real estate licensees. The text differentiates between government initiatives and nonprofit, private associations and explains how each impacts green building and maintenance practices. Licensees looking to serve the expanding market of consumers interested in high performance building practices will find practical information on products, designations, and certifications such as LEED and Green Globes.

Real Estate and Taxes: What Every Agent Should Know

In clear and simple language, this course demystifies tax laws and their impact on anyone owning or selling real estate. You will receive a background on basic tax issues and learn to apply calculations and formulas to better assist clients on tax-related questions and issues. Updates include recent tax law changes, and a discussion of tax issues regarding cancellation of debt, foreclosure, and repossession. Real-life examples, interactive exercises, and reading comprehension quizzes drive home the essential lessons of this course.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REO's and Auctions

With the number of homes going into foreclosure and short sales today reaching unprecedented highs, it is increasingly important for licensees to stay current on these topics so as to remain competitive and successful in the market. This brand new course discusses these four current topics and their relevance to today's market. It focuses on the legal ramifications and reviews ways that agents can successfully market these properties.

Buyer Representation in Real Estate

This course offers a great introduction for buyer agents with a focus on the legal and technical aspects, such as due diligence and fiduciary duties. The online course includes brand-new interactive exercises and 180 unit exam questions.

Everyday Ethics in Real Estate

The fourth in a series of ethics courses, this title reflects the latest information from the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). This title meets NAR's requirements for new members to complete ethics training and continuing members to complete quadrennial ethics training.
Property Management and Managing Risk

This popular title provides an up-to-date introduction to property management with a practical focus on how to comply with regulations and avoid liability. The features include "Liability Alerts" that offer suggestions for avoiding liability from both owners and tenants, as well as case studies, key terms, learning objectives, review questions, and review questions with answer rationales.
Real Estate Finance Today

In a changing financial landscape with new real estate reporting requirements, the latest edition of Real Estate Finance Today offers an invaluable resource for real estate professionals practicing in several different fields. From new developments in collateralized mortgage obligations, to flood insurance requirements, to TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures, this edition takes the pulse of the current financial environment and explains it with clear language and advanced educational concepts. Key terms, case studies, chapter quizzes, and financial appendices make this the best resource for staying up-to-speed in today's fast-moving real estate economy.
Red Flags Property Inspection Guide

Recent legislation has directed you with the responsibility of inspecting properties for "red flags" – especially an extreme issue such as asbestos or mold. Brokers and agents who understand and comply with their state's disclosure laws stand a better chance of avoiding legal liability or a sale falling through.
Twenty Most Cost Effective Home Improvements

Discover the most valuable improvements homeowners can make to increase the value of their homes. This OnDemand course employs the latest national data to calculate the 20 home upgrades that provide the greatest return on investment. Including internal improvements like kitchen remodels, outdoor improvements like deck additions, and energy-saving improvements like window replacements, this course explores the home improvement process from all angles to reach some surprising conclusions about cost and value. With an extended discussion of financing and environmental factors, this course will allow you to advise your clients on how to make wise choices that positively impact the resale value of their homes.
The Tiny House: Is It A Phase or a Craze?

Witness this emerging market segment as you learn about the new world of tiny house living. In The Tiny House: Is it a Phase or Craze?, you’ll learn the origin of the tiny house, different types of tiny houses, the structural elements, costs and considerations, valuation of property, and when a tiny house is considered real property. We’ll also identify financing options specific to the tiny house and introduce you to tiny house communities developing across the country. The tiny house is a reflection of expressed values by a growing number of buyers today: simple living in natural surroundings and smaller more-efficient living spaces.

North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank

When it comes to preparing for and passing the state portion of the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam, practice makes perfect. Put the most comprehensive QBank test engine to work for you. This QBank allows you to test yourself with questions on the industry's most advanced interactive testing platform. You can simulate nearly every test environment to help improve your exam score. And because the QBank is online, you can access it anytime, anywhere it is convenient for you! When it comes to passing your North Carolina Real Estate Exam, you can never be too prepared!
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